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Do you have ambitious growth goals for your business but feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels?

If you’re like many of the businesses that have joined ITF Academy, you’ve tried all of the ‘traditional’ ways to try and grow your revenue, with little to show for it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You chase every incoming inquiry and fill out every RFP which has brought you a few great customers, several customers you could live without and some you wish you never met.
  • You’ve poured marketing dollars into advertisements, trade show booths and glossy brochures with no measurable results.
  • You’ve hired what you thought would be high-performing salespeople which turned out to be a disappointing waste of time, effort and money.
  • You might have even tried hiring a high-priced veteran sales gun ‘with a rolodex’ expecting they would generate more leads than you could handle, but they didn't deliver.
  • You (or a key executive on your team) focuses a massive amount of time on engaging with new prospects, but your losses are heavily out-weighing the wins.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  These are all very typical challenges of any businesses operating in a competitive B2B environment.

There’s a reason why more than 90% of the businesses in the U.S. have fewer than 20 employees.  It’s really hard to get over this hump!

But does selling well really matter?

Here’s the problem – nobody ever really formally learns sales.

But a recent study published in Harvard Business Review underscored why selling well is so important.

They studied 100,000 B2B transactions and the results revealed that almost HALF of the buyers surveyed selected a vendor according to the skills of a salesperson rather than price, quality or service features.

You heard me right – almost 50% of the time, skillful sales techniques won the deal.

So the bottom line is, when it comes to growing your business - selling well really does matter!


How will this Sales Playbook help me?

Do you remember a situation when your favorite mediocre sports franchise brought in a new coach (with a new playbook) and took an unexceptional team to a whole new level?

Same players, same equipment, same field – much better results.

It happens all the time.

And our sales playbook has done the same thing for sales teams.

Here are a few of our success stories:

“Before implementing the ITF playbook, we knew how to sell, but had no process or framework in place so our growth was unpredictable…the results speak for themselves – we doubled our new business revenue this year over last”

David Da Costa
David Da Costa Risk Control Technologies

“The ITF playbook gave us a more professional and defined approach to selling…this translated directly to results – we beat our target in the first year with a 15% growth rate followed by 20% in year two”

Tony Margiotta
Tony Margiotta Sunview Patio Doors

“The In The Funnel playbook gave us a turn-key approach to re-vamping our sales strategy…it paid huge dividends as our sales team achieved 40% year-over-year growth

Ian Sutcliffe
Ian Sutcliffe Purefacts Ltd

“The In The Funnel playbook helped us re-focus our entire sales approach around our customer needs, resulting in a much stronger value proposition. In addition, I saw concrete changes in our sales team’s performance almost immediately”

Pino Iannetti
Pino Iannetti Techcom Software

What exactly is a Sales Playbook?

The ITF Sales Playbook is a 10-module, turnkey sales program developed specifically for growth-focused B2B businesses which will result in your company having:

  1. A sales strategy
  2. A process with supporting tools to be able to execute your strategy
  3. A framework to achieve measurable scale without the typical challenges that come with growing

Yes, you could read all of the sales books out there by all of the sales gurus in the world or bring in a high-priced sales consultant that normally deals with fortune 500 firms, but what you get with the ITF Sales Playbook is a proven, field-tested, tailor-made methodology for companies exactly like yours.

If you subscribe to our annual membership, the playbook is also supplemented with 1-on-1 and group coaching to help you reap maximum benefits.